A1GP may come to India soon

A1GP may come to India soon

New Delhi: Roaring engines, the smell of burning tyres, cars that disappear even as you say the word go – and of course the rush of adrenalin…the fourth season of the A1 Grand Prix promises all this and more. And when the event gets underway in the Netherlands in October, team India’s Narain Karthikeyan will be on a brand new machine. He is confident the 2004 Ferrari chassis would boost his chances in the race.

"This year holds a lot of expectations from India and I am looking forward for a consistent performance for Team India. Hope that the new season brings more interesting and challenging paradigms for us to prove our capability to the motor racing world, " says Karthikeyan.

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e8a020ba-84c4-11dd-9c66-000b5dabf613.flvIn A1GP, known as the World Cup of Motorsport, 23 countries will participate in a competition where human bravery, skill and excellence determine victory. The use of identical single-seat cars and equalised technology would allow countries as diverse as the USA, Lebanon, France, China and South Africa to compete on a level playing field.

Apart from Karthikeyan, team India which was announced at an event in New Delhi on Wednesday, will include rookie drivers Armaan Ebrahim and Parthiv Sureshwaran.

David Clare, CEO A1GP Asia Pacific, who was also present at the occasion said, “India is a priority market for A1GP. It gives me immense pleasure to see that motor racing is catching up fast among Indian audiences. It’s a brand new season for A1GP which we all are looking forward to, especially after Ferrari’s association with us. We are keen to add many more interesting venues to our calendar and hopefully India will be one amongst them soon."

This may mean more good news for the growing number of motorsport enthusiasts in India, who are already looking forward to the F1 race in New Delhi 2010.