Off the shelf

Off the shelf

Informative and thorough, a bit?repetitive

Her writing is clear and practical, if a tad repetitive. Each chapter concludes with useful Q&As about the main concepts. GetAbstract gives Kessler appraisal for her information and thoroughness; no doubt those are the goals she set in advance.

Competency-Based Performance Reviews

How to Perform Employee Evaluations the Fortune 500 Way

Robin Kessler

Career Press, 2008, 255 pages

List price: $13.99

‘ISBN-13: 9781564149817

Emotionally engaging

This book isn’t very deep or innately innovative, but getAbstract thinks it will have you saying “Right on!" as you recognize your problem pachyderms and learn positive ways to handle them.

Juggling Elephants

An Easier Way to Get Your Most Important Things Done–Now!

Jones Loflin and Todd Musig

Portfolio, 2007, 144 pages

List price: $19.95

ISBN-13: 9781591841715