Had it not been for the celebrities on Twitter who attract millions of followers, Twitter might have been just another social media app. But with influential people across the globe taking to Twitter to make important announcements all in 140 characters, the site now acts more like a real-time news-gathering platform and a catalyst for social movements and causes.

Earlier this month, Katy Perry tacked on a whopping 800,000 Twitter followers to become the most followed user on the social networking site! Here are some of the most influential celebs followed on Twitter: 

1. Katy Perry: 84.03 million followers

American pop star Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy" Hudson, aka Katy Perry doesn’t just top the global music charts but also boasts of the most number of Twitter followers. And why not? Even those who are not particularly a fan of her music, would like to give her handle a follow for her sense of humour! Here’s an example of a recent funny tweet about club sandwiches: 

2. Justin Bieber: 76.78 million followers

The ‘Beliebers’ (Justin Beiber’s fan club) have not just made sure that Justin Bieber breaks records with every new album but have also propelled him to the second position of the ‘Top Twitter Users’ chart. Beiber’s twitter account informs his fans about all his shows, tours and new albums in advance, links to videos of all shows that he is doing and also engages with them personally. For example, the following tweet dedicated to 6-year-old fan ‘Avalanna’ who succumbed to brain cancer got a lot of hits!

blockquote class=twitter-tweet data-lang=en>

RIP Avalanna. i love you

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) September 26, 2012

3. Taylor Swift: – 72.38 million followers

Looking for dog and/or cat videos? You will find it here. No kidding! Besides sharing show details and vacation photos with her fans, Taylor Swift is one of those celebrities who behaves like any other twitter user—reacting to things that she came across on the Internet. And often, they are videos of animals being cute. Her twitter profile reads more like pages from her ‘dear diary’ rather than some celebrity posts that are formal. This tweet, for example, will tell you why so many people follow her because they can relate to her: 

4. Barack Obama: – 70.9 million followers

Did you expect anything less from the president of the United States of America? People follow him not only because he tweets important announcements or he’s funny but also because the POTUS sharing his personal moments with the world is something that no one wants to miss! An example right here: 


5. Lady Gaga: 56.86 million followers

Lady Gaga’s Twitter account actually occupies the 6th position because YouTube’s handle on Twitter has a larger follower base but as a user, she ranks 5th. The appearance of her Twitter handle matches her on-stage style quotient.

It’s an ‘all black’ themed Twitter handle for Lady Gaga.
It’s an ‘all black’ themed Twitter handle for Lady Gaga.

Influential people who missed the top 5 list by a whisker:

1. Christiano Ronaldo:

Ronaldo tops the list of most followed sportsperson on Twitter. With more than 41 million followers, he ranks 13th in the overall list of top twitter users. He tweets mostly about his son, Christiano Ronaldo junior and his fans seem to love it!

2. Bill Gates:

There are some things that money cannot buy! American billionaire Bill Gates couldn’t make it to the top 20 Twitter users by 6 ranks. His account that mostly puts out photos of the charity work done by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation or links to his blog GatesNotes, has close to 28 million followers.

This is him announcing a reddit AMA:

3. Pope:

Pope Francis has taken engaging with his followers to the next level with his social media presence! His Twitter handle boasts of approximately 9 million followers and he has recently announced his presence on Instagram. His tweets are mostly spiritual and gets hundreds of retweets within a couple of minutes of being posted:

4. Oprah Winfrey:

Television talk-show host and media proprietor Oprah Winfrey’s inspirational tweets has moved many a Twitter followers. And why not? 

5. Amitabh Bachchan:

Closer home, Big B has a massive Twitter fan base of 19 million! His tweets are mostly acknowledging fan art and looking back at his illustrious career, reminiscing the time spent on the sets of his movies.