Ad: Kingfisher Premium

Agency: JWT Bangalore

Storyline: A waiter humming the catchy Kingfisher jingle in a restaurant


Sumanto Chattopadhyay


The campaign features the same set-up in different restaurants. One shows guests at an Indian restaurant asking the waiter for suggestions on the menu. The waiter rattles off the entire menu to the Kingfisher tune “Oooo laa laa la la le o" in such a way that even the guests can’t help humming along. Another ad, set in a Chinese restaurant, also pans out in a similar fashion. Other ads simply show a guy humming the Kingfisher jingle out of tune in a loo or?changing room and a stranger correcting him.

Why I don’t like it

While the basic idea of using the Kingfisher signature tune is okay, the set-up, the characters and performances are predictable and over the top. It can be extremely jarring if one is exposed to the campaign over and over again. Ask me. I spent an entire afternoon watching NDTV and Kingfisher’s new lifestyle channel, Good Times, and was accosted by these ads at every commercial break.

How I would have done it

The scene could open with a man drinking water from a Kingfisher glass bottle at a restaurant and placing it on a table. He picks up a spoon and taps it lightly. He shakes his head, drinks some more water from the bottle and taps it again. This time he nods approvingly. Then he orders another bottle. He takes a sip from it and sets it down next to the first before tapping it… Many bottles later, the audience realizes that the man is trying to recreate the Kingfisher tune by tapping a line of the bottles, each with varying levels of water. He finally hits the right notes and looks ecstatic. The camera zooms in on his face just as his ecstasy turns to a different emotion—one that results from all that water in his bladder. As a perplexed waiter comes with the bill, he sees our man running…to the loo. The point is that the execution has to be refreshing and unexpected. The last thing you want is for your ad to get on people’s nerves.

As told to Gouri Shah