Web Exclusive | Draping with the weaves of Kachchh

Web Exclusive | Draping with the weaves of Kachchh

New Delhi: Artisans are basically artists… tapping into their abundant inherent creativity when the time and space are right. This is evident in the show that Khamir, the Kachchh based crafts organization, and a group of weavers from textile-rich Kachchh have put together to showcase the changing face of Kachchh weaves.The Weaves of Kachchh8efdeab8-a94d-11dc-84e2-000b5dabf636.flv

The Weaves of Kachchh

They have expanded on last year’s show which brought innovation in design and variety in the product line through the current display.

Experimenting in natural dyes, new finishes and unexplored design vocabularies , there is a range of highly differentiated new products in garments, home textiles, rugs, bags and accessories, in addition to the classic Kachchh range of shawls and stoles.

Prices are affordable with home textiles in the Rs250 - 2,500 range; stoles, belts and bags between Rs300 – 1,000 ; shawls Rs350 – 10,000; jackets and outerwear for Rs500–2,500 and casual wear between Rs600 – 1,500.

The craftsmen have held on to the identity of their craft and yet subtly responded to change and to the realities of new markets, new quality standards and the need for innovation. Among the participating weavers, are weaver entrepreneurs who have achieved international fame.

On Khamir’s board of directors are people like Sushma Iyengar, who is a respected leader of a grassroots movement in Gujarat, Meera who lives in Bhuj working with the weavers in the areas of design and marketing and Pankaj Shah, a Kachchhi himself who understands the language of both artisans and markets and is now looking after business development, capacity building and trade facilitation.

Dastkar is particularly known for the regular crafts fairs / bazaars that it holds across the country… and Khamir and the Weaves of Kachchh is their latest show on offer. Laila Tyabji of Dastkar has coordinated Khamir and has brought the Weaves of Kachchh to Delhi.

On at the Chinmaya Mission, New Delhi from 13-16 December, 2007

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