Leo Burnett

You are a Bandra type. Or a GK-1 type. At 18, or thenabouts, you get into advertising as a riotously funny, socially successful, T-shirt hanging out smart ass. With a languid body language and a “have it, but won’t show it" desire to show friends, cousins and those frontbenchers in class your ads, baselines and your first television commercial.

Ten years later, you are boring the crap out of people with your advertising. With your garbage on air that stinks as much as all the serials you avoid. And proclaim that you avoid. Well done mate! You have become a terrorist against intelligence.

Please redeem yourself in the real world. It’s diagonally opposite the ad club awards.

I like the Thums Up film with Akshay in tatters. The writer of this film is a hero because he has been bashed up, struck down and argued with. But he has survived to tell a good story. A story, thank God. A story that will sound interesting when you narrate it at a bar. Not in a boardroom. But what’s with the girl? Why does the director hate her? Take a look at the film again. Are NG (not good) takes the new thing in film-making? Does Thums Up give you gas when you are acting?

OK, enough. Well done, Mr Writer, and whoever you wish to thank in the making.