The average quality improved

The average quality improved

Fresh track with sharp comment

Himani Fast Relief

Ambience Publicis Advertising

A great film if not quite a great commercial. Works because of the scale of the idea and the quality of execution. People as cogs in machines shown in Happydent-like absurd detail make for captivated viewing. The track is fresh, the underlying comment sharp, the only problem is the somewhat spurious connection with the brand.

Himani pain relief balm so that we can all continue to drive the grinding machines of our time? Not quite motivating as an appeal, one would have thought. Having said that, at least we are talking about a brand called Himani pain relief. That is a start.

Restraint allows it to touch a chord

TOI Teach India


I must confess that I am not a great fan of preachy Let’s-make-India- great-again-by-speaking-in-baritones-loftily kind of campaigns that efforts such as this engender, which is precisely why I think this campaign works. The idea of incomplete alphabets seeking completeness is a delicately crafted one and works much better in film than in print. The commercial speaks gently and this restraint allows it to touch an increasingly jaded chord. The accompanying Aamir Khan film lapses into more self-conscious territory and can be safely ignored.

Gentle humour, relaxed empathy


Ogilvy and Mather



Inexplicably insensitive


Lowe Worldwide

There is no question that the Idea campaign has been a completely fresh take on the category and has kick-started the brand into life after years of soporific self-indulgence. But this particular commercial begs the question as to whether people in advertising live in the real world at all. In today’s times, to have a commercial showing someone in rural India praying to the Lord after his child receives education from a missionary school is an inexplicably insensitive thing to do. Does convent education make people forget their religion and change their mode of prayer? And why is that a good thing? And is someone from Idea and Lowe reading newspapers these days?