Top of the mind ad survey | Idea brigade scores on recall, takes No. 1 slot

Top of the mind ad survey | Idea brigade scores on recall, takes No. 1 slot

Packaged food and mobile phone service ads ruled the airwaves in July, taking seven of the top 10 slots in the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey.

A commercial for the Idea 3G National service topped the charts with 81 points on the ad reach index, a measure of awareness and brand recall among TV viewers—helped by a score of 99% on brand recall. Ads for Reliance Mobile 3G National and the Vodafone mobile service also made it to the top 10, ranking sixth and 10th with 57 and 49 points, respectively, on the reach index.


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The survey polled 754 respondents from high-income groups in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

There are four packaged food products among the top 10 on the ad reach index: Cadbury 5 Star at second position (72 points), Knorr Soupy Noodles at third (71 points), Bingo Tedhe Medhe at seventh (53 points) and Horlicks at eighth (50 points).

Although packaged food items dominated the index in June as well, the brands in the July top 10 are different. The July ads also score more than those a month earlier, when the top 10 score ranged from 44-76.

The top four on the ad reach index—Idea 3G National, Cadbury 5 Star, Knorr Soupy Noodles and Titan—maintain their ranking on July’s ad diagnostics index, which measures the softer features of ads, such as likeability, enjoyment, believability and claim.

Pureit/Marvella, KFC Krushers/Kafeccino and Oral-B CrossAction are the brands that made it to the ad diagnostics index without entering the top 10 on the ad reach index. They are ranked fifth, seventh and ninth, with 66, 60 and 58 points, respectively.

Table-topper Idea 3G National scores 81 points on the ad diagnostics index too, beating the topper in June—Clear Men Cool Sport/Menthol, which had scored 78 points. The July ad diagnostics index bottoms out with Bingo Tedhe Medhe at 57 points, the same as the floor for the June one.

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