French Connection

French Connection

New Delhi: Alliance Française de Delhi (AFD) is celebrating 50 years of its presence in the capital with a plethora of week-long events that see a liberal sprinking of theatre, art, music and fashion, tempered with just the right doses of French wine and cheese.

Professionals and amateurs, students of Alliance and celebrities of Delhi come together to act and sing, paint and model to commemorate the founding of the Alliance Française in India.

Well known installation artist, Naresh Kapuria has created the ambience for the entire Festival. He presented a specially mounted show, ‘The Magic Brush’ yesterday at the opening ceremony which was inaugurated by the Ambassador of France H.E Jerome Bonnafont.

The exhibition will feature art works of guests artists of the Art Camp that was held at the AFD and the sculptors of a known French modern visual art artist Yom.

There would be an art camp and exhibition featuring Indian and French guest artists with select works being on sale too. Guest artists include Kanchen Chander, Marion Colomer, Gopi Gajwani,Saba Hasan, Ratnabali Kant, Naresh Kapuria, ShuchiKhanna, Rajiv Lochan, Yuriko Lochan, Gabriella Montanari Fonbaustier, V.S.Rahi, Ram Rehman, Anjali Sapra, Niren Sen, Mangheram Sharma.

Egalité ( Duece), a one act play will be presented on 31October. Written by Neel Chaudhuri and directed by Raman Chawla and S Somasundaram, it celebrates 50 years of Indo-French collaboration. Set in a party in Delhi, it revolves around four young characters, all searching for an ideal. The highpoint is that it will feature some of Delhi’s most colourful and well known people in its cast, many of whom have been closely associated with AFD.

The Students’ Fest has a Rhythms & Blues concert which gives a free hand to talented singers: Reuben and the guitar band "No Chips, Just Shoulders" with retro hits, Antoine, a famous crooner from Paris to Ouagadougou, Rinita, variety show rising star from "Alliance" and Amicale’s Rock Band.

A special World Music presentation titled, Love is in the Air will be conducted by Gabriella Boda-Rechner with: Nise Meruno, piano, soloists,Alliance Française Golden Jubilee Choir and Delhi Chamber Choir.