Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Cello pens a brand pitch with Dhoni

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Cello pens a brand pitch with Dhoni

The top ad this time is about a simple, ubiquitous, cheap product—the pen. Definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about television commercials.

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The pen is also the subject of the ad at No. 15 (Flair Sporty Writometer) in the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey for July, which gathers the voices of 773 randomly chosen common consumers across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. It just indicates how clever advertising can convert a taken-for-granted product into a brand, helping it acquire an identity of its own.

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Rated the best on-air advertisement in July, the Cello Pin Point pen ad had some help from cricketer M.S. Dhoni. The ad scored 73 on the ad reach index, with a brand recall of 93%. The Flair Sporty Writometer ad (at No. 15) scored 44 on the ad reach index, with a brand recall of 74%. The usual suspects—mobile phone services, DTH and detergents—are all there on the list too. Three Airtel spots find place in the list at Nos. 6, 7 and 13, respectively. The Surf Excel Bar ad at No. 14, with an ad reach score of 44, tops the ad diagnostics list, scoring 93.

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1. Cello Pin Point

Situations Advertising

Cricketer M.S. Dhoni is travelling in the team bus. Suddenly, he finds a boy dangling upside down outside his window, asking for his autograph. The boy is suspended from a bridge with a rope held by his friends. The boy’s pen doesn’t work, so Dhoni uses his Cello Pin Point to sign. He advises the boy to use a Cello pen the next time.

2. Castrol Activ 4T

Ogilvy and Mather

A father is teaching his son to drive a motorcycle. Much to the son’s irritation, he keeps telling him to brake. The father calms down when a mechanic tells him that frequent braking harms the engine. The mechanic advises them to use Castrol Activ, which protects the engine.

3. Tata Sky Plus

Ogilvy and Mather

Actor Aamir Khan is watching a live match on TV. He presses the pause button each time he has to move away from the TV or do something else—for instance, when he feels like taking a nap. It’s made possible by Tata Sky Plus, which allows you to “pause" a programme and watch the rest of it later. The tag line: Pause+Record+Rewind live TV.

4. Ariel OxyBlu

Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising

A mother accompanies her daughter, an air hostess, on her 100th flight. As her daughter serves her on the flight, the mother reminisces about the days she used to remove stains from her daughter’s uniform, using Ariel OxyBlu. The tag line: Jagmaga do duniya (Make the world shine).

5. Nestle Munch


A bodybuilder unsuccessfully tries to impress little boys by lifting a tractor. Another man eats a pack of Munch and everything around him rattles with its crunchy sound. This time, the boys are super impressed. The tag line: Mera crunch mahaan (The mighty crunch).

6. Airtel

Rediffusion Y&R

Anna, a little girl, tries to get a paper boat to float in a water drain. Suddenly, it starts raining. To prevent her boat from capsizing, she shields it, covering it with her hands as it floats. Soon, her friends join her and they all place their hands over the boat. The tag line: Now those special to you will always be near.

7. Airtel

Rediffusion Y&R

Anna introduces herself and her five friends—two shy girls and three boisterous boys. Together, they make up Anna’s “Special 5". The voice-over: Ab khaas log rahenge hamesha paas (Now those special to you will always be near).

8. Videocon

McCann Erickson India

An animated green blob-like creature tries to pacify a baby. It’s crying because it wants to play with the moon. With the help of another blob, the creature wakes up the moon, asleep behind the clouds. The two blobs carry the moon back to the child, who stops crying on seeing it. The tag line: Change is entertaining. Experience change.


BBH Communications India

A man is surprised when objects around him come to life. A toy duck sings in his bathtub, the newspaper folds into a dog, his keys dance to the toy duck’s singing, a cricket ball laughs and photographs start dancing. Excited, he tries to capture all this on camera. The tag line: Just your stuff.

10. Rin


A man in a car and a schoolboy on a bicycle are waiting at a traffic light. The man rolls up his window in distaste. Stung, the boy straightens, unfolds his shirt sleeves and puts on his school tie. Suddenly, he looks different. The man notices, the boy tells him the only difference between them is two wheels—and that will change too. The tag line: Chamakte rehna (Keep sparkling).

11. Kinley

Ogilvy and Mather

A montage of people drinking Kinley because they trust it. A woman breaks her hunger strike with Kinley, a new employee sitting alone at a table is joined by other colleagues with a bottle of Kinley, a soldier in a high-alert area is offered Kinley and an elderly man drinks Kinley after winning a race. The tag line: Vishwaas karo (Trust in Kinley).

12. TVS Apache RTR 180

McCann Erickson

A biker sits on his TVS Apache at the starting line, wondering why he’s racing. Images flash through his mind. As a child, he would race his bicycle; injuries didn’t deter him. The world may say he chose his machine, the truth is the machine chose him. So, why does he race? It’s hard to say. The tag line: Racing DNA Unleashed.

13. Airtel

Rediffusion Y&R

Anna has been punished. She has to write “I will not talk in the class" several times on the blackboard. She finds it tiring. But when the teacher returns, she finds the task completed. The secret —Anna’s “Special 5" friends have helped her finish the work. The tag line: Now those special to you will always be near.

14. Surf Excel Bar

Lowe Worldwide

A wedding is on, children are having fun. In the melee, a little boy slips and falls on rangoli. His white kurta is smeared with colour. Dismayed, he goes to his mother. She reassures him, saying the price of Surf Excel bar has also fallen. The tag line: Daag achhe hain (Stains are good).

15. Flair Sporty Writometer

Oberoi Multimedia

A boy and his mother are shopping. She tells him to pick up one chocolate, not five. He replies that she should buy one pen, not five. The mother picks up the Flair Writometer Jumbo pen, which lasts as long as five gel pens. The tag line: Duniya ka sabse zyada likhne vala gel pen (The world’s longest-writing gel pen).