Facial yoga, latest antidote to fight ageing

Facial yoga, latest antidote to fight ageing


New Delhi: It is less painful than plastic surgery and definitely cheaper than non-surgical injections that temporarily reduce or eliminate wrinkles and it has the potential of making you look young.

Indeed, facial yoga, which gives you the benefit of a face-lift without the danger and expense of surgery is the latest craze in India as a number of people, regardless of age, are enrolling themselves for training classes, particularly in the capital.

“This yoga for the face is a simple, non-invasive way to erase fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces sagging skin and restores a radiant, youthful look to one’s face and complexion," says Madhavi Padhy, a former stress management and yoga consultant with the United Nations in Vienna.

Padhy is one of the few teachers who conducts facial yoga classes in Delhi and Singapore. “The techniques are very easy to learn. These highly specialized exercises lift, firm and tone all 57 muscles of the face and neck, literally turning back the hands of time and restoring a firm, smooth and glowing facial appearance."

Among the facial exercises, eye socket massage is the most important one which even an office worker can practice taking a ten-minute break from his or her hectic schedule. This exercise relieves tension and stress from areas around the eyes. It also relaxes the eyes and surrounding facial features.

Neurological impulses associated with stress and the grimaces can lead to worry lines on your forehead,“ agrees Gautam Roy, another yoga teacher based in Kolkata, who is planning to introduce special facial sessions soon.

Though there are some dissenters, who pooh pooh this latest age defying miracle cure. Kolkata-based cosmetic surgeon Dr SR Das Gupta disagrees with trainers of facial yoga. “If you have a wrinkle or a frown line, relaxation isn’t going to erase that. If you make the muscles in your face bigger it will not make sagging skin tougher or tighter, nor will it help remove fatty deposits. Only a face-lift can do that."

But, Delhi-based gynaecologist Dr Kiran Dua does not subscribe to Dr Gupta’s views. “What I feel is which ever yoga, if it’s toning up the body and improving blood circulation, go for it. Facial yoga will definitely do you good."

Association of Plastic Surgeons of India Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Singh, however, feels that the claim of advocates of facial yoga is neither fully wrong nor fully right. “That helps to some extent. Any sort of facial exercise can delay wrinkles but it can’t cure fully. But, when the wrinkles are established, surgery becomes essential.