Lions International presents 8.4 cr for eye care

Lions International presents 8.4 cr for eye care

New Delhi: Lions Clubs International has approved grants of approximately Rs84,040,891 for various humanitarian projects in India.

Out of the approved 84,040,891 almost 7,80,00,000 has been allocated for sight-related projects under Campaign Sight First II; 3, 974,009 for flood relief in India; and rest for upgrading Lions hospitals, educational campaigns and medical projects.

The grants were approved at the recent board meeting held in the capital. Loksabha speaker, Somnath Chatterjee who presided over the function acknowledged the wide ranging work done by the organization across the world.

According to a report released by the charity organization, India has an estimated 50,00,000 blind persons and another 450,00,000 suffering from visual impairment. The fund will help set up hospitals, fund cataract surgeries and provide subsidies on surgeries for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other forms of eye-illness.

Plans are also on the anvil to establish two vocational study centres in Kerala this year.