NDTV launches country’s first mobile channel

NDTV launches country’s first mobile channel

New Delhi: New Delhi Television Ltd (NDTV) has launched India’s first full service mobile channel ‘NDTV Active’ in collaboration with July Systems, a company that provides mobile solutions.

The free service, including video alerts, can be customized by users and is available to subscribers on all mobile networks in India, although they may have to pay separate SMS (short messaging service) or GPRS (a high-speed data transmission service) charges to the concerned telecom company.

“The NDTV Active mobile channel will give users a great new way to interact with the NDTV brand and stay in touch with the latest news, information and favourite shows anytime and anywhere" said Sanjay Trehan, chief executive, NDTV Convergence.

India had around 209 million mobile connections on 30 November, compared with around 70 million households with access to cable and satellite television.