NRI’s firm wins Queen’s award for second year in succession

NRI’s firm wins Queen’s award for second year in succession

London: A leading export company set up by an NRI entrepreneur has won the Queens Award for Enterprise 2010 for the second consecutive year.

The company Sun Mark Ltd established by Dr Rami Ranger exports British supermarket products to over 90 countries with staggering results and market penetration.

Owing to its export activities, the company not only generates wealth and employment for Britain directly, but also helps other British companies grow which are connected with its export activities like transport, shipping and manufacturing.

Ranger, managing director of the company said: “I am optimistic that Sun Mark, which is a leading force in exports, will continue to drive hard and be a recipient for many more such awards for sustainable growth and for excellence. The second award shows that when the going gets tough, the tough get going."

He said the Queen’s Award for Enterprise symbolised the strength and credibility of the company and its positive contribution to the British economy. The company’s sales continued to grow despite the global downturn as a result of the financial meltdown. The company’s turnover grew by over 45% last year and is fast approaching 100 million pounds.

It is a considerable achievement by any standard, especially when the company started its operation just 15 years ago, he said.