Repeat value

Reviewer: Josy Paul

Josy Paul is chairman and chief creative officer at BBDO India. He has worked on the latest BlackBerry ad campaign Action Starts Here, besides PepsiCo’s 7UP, and the insurance company, Aviva, among others.


Jewellery brand Tanishq’s “Festive gold collection" by Lowe Lintas urges consumers to indulge themselves and invest in gold jewellery this Diwali. The ad shows a man and his wife getting dressed in their festive finery. The husband draws the wife’s attention to a jewellery set from Tanishq, asking her to gift-wrap it and write a message on it. Curious, she asks who it is for. He says it’s a surprise gift from a friend to his wife, and suggests she buy a set for herself too. She reminds him that they had decided not to be extravagant this Diwali. There’s some more back and forth before she realizes the set is actually for her.

Josy Paul

Your first thoughts on the ad?

I liked the new Tanishq film the first time I saw it. I like it even when I see it again and again. I love the playful banter, the insightful dialogues, the clever script. It makes me smile, wish and wonder. You can see that it’s the early days of marriage, lots of eager adjustments, romantic sparring and playing. The jewellery is integral to the story.

Does the ad reflect the festivity around Diwali aptly?

The context of Diwali is all around us—it’s in the air and in the film. It’s evident in the setting, in the Diwali party that the couple plan to attend and in the voice-over that urges you to make that once-in-a-year occasion special. The ad reflects the Diwali mood.

Jewellery ads usually work around the theme of relationships. What other innovative ways can brands use to advertise in this category?

“Innovation" is an odd word in a category steeped in “tradition". The category is rich with cultural, social and behavioural codes. Innovation is in finding ways to unpeel the layers and uncover the symbols, and discover these personal and intimate “jewellery" moments and rituals. It’s better to dive deeper than run out of the category. The process of excavating these category insights may need to be innovative.

Any international or Indian ad in this category that has high recall value?

Many of the Tanishq ads done before have been very touching. But for me, the best jewellery ad is actually a bank insurance ad—for SBI Life.

It’s where an old man is gifting his elderly wife a diamond on Valentine’s Day. The final line “arrey... heere ko kya pata teri umar" (The diamond doesn’t know your age!) is unforgettable. Brilliant insight, amazing script and execution.

As told to Vidhi Choudhary.