Top of the Mind Ad Survey | New voices in a makeover

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | New voices in a makeover

Who is the best judge of a television commercial? The creative fraternity, the consumer for whom the commercial is actually meant, or both? While there are industry awards that judge the technique and the craft behind creative ideas, there weren’t any credible and sustained studies to measure consumer response to TV advertisements.

Top of the Mind, Mint’s monthly ad survey, was launched last year with the objective of doing just that. Conducted by leading market research firm Synovate, the survey was widely appreciated by both our regular readers as well as the industry. The latter, however, was keen on some qualitative inputs from peers as well. So, this month, we are introducing two new voices—an industry insider and an outsider—in the monthly survey. They will present their takes on the creative idea behind the ads they like and the ones they don’t.

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Vodafone Mobile Service

Ogilvy and Mather

Mentos candy

Ogilvy and Mather

This animation spin on the line “dimag ki batti jala de" shows how things change with a Mentos candy. A monkey pulling a plank, with a donkey seated on it, eats candy and evolves into a man—the donkey ends up pulling a cart.

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

Leo Burnett

People go to pick oranges, but find just skin, and no pulp. All the missing pulp is in a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange that a young man is drinking. The message: Refreshingly orange, surprisingly pulpy.

HDFC Standard Life unit linked plans

Leo Burnett

Seeing her father struggle to repair an old car, a young woman suggests he buy a new, higher-end car. And, backs up her idea with a cheque. Touched, the father observes that his little daughter is now all grown-up.


Ogilvy and Mather

Brylcreem Wet Look Gel


Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni visits his hometown Ranchi sporting a new hairstyle. He fears people may think he has become a city boy—but he needn’t have worried. Everyone he meets is using hair gel.


BBDO India

A young man harried by the jostling in a crowded local train regains his composure after a drink. The ad uses the title of the popular film, ‘Bheja Fry’, to strike an instant chord, and wraps it up with the brand mascot, Fido Dido.

Asian Paints Apex Ultima

Ogilvy and Mather

A barber praises the paint job on his client’s mansion. The next scene shows a generation has passed—the grey locks of the client need colour but the paint on the mansion is as fresh as it used to be.

Idea Value Added SMS Service

Lowe Lintas

Brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan plays a tourist guide who approaches two foreigners at the Taj Mahal. They have a speech disability, but the initial hitch in communication is solved by the SMS service.

Parachute Advansed Star*Z

Ambience Publicis

ING Vysya Life Insurance

Rediffusion-Dentsu, Young and Rubicam

Playing on the line “bhari khushiyan", or the burden of happiness, the ad shows a groom and a new father, among others, literally sinking into the ground with worries about expenses. The insurance agent offers a way out.

Lux Provocateur

JWT International

An animation film relates the tale of a girl who bathes with a bar of black soap she finds in a forest and is transformed into a sultry young woman. The line: “Ab khoobsurti se darr kaisa" (there’s no need to fear beauty any more).


Ogilvy and Mather

A maid saves the money her employer gives her on a festival, but uses some to buy the health drink for her son. When the employer asks if she wouldn’t rather buy a sari, her son replies, saying he will buy her many when he grows up.