The Hindustan Unilever Ltd television commercial for its soap brand Lifebuoy has been voted the best ad in Mint’s monthly ad survey.

Amer Jaleel, executive creative director, Lintas India Pvt. Ltd

What was the client’s brief?

Lifebuoy is the only health soap that stands opposite to beauty soap brands. The focus was to underline the difference between the two.

How did the team zero in on the campaign?

Well, with the repositioning of the brand as a family health soap, the communication had to appeal to the family, particularly mothers, who are constantly facing with this duvidha (dilemma)—to teach their children (to do) the right thing, while instilling values of hygiene. The commercial shows how a Lifebuoy mother is able to resolve that.

The brand, which was positioned as an all-male brand a few years ago, has softened its stand. Will we see more changes in brand strategy in the days to come?

A few years ago, the brand communication which focused on health and hygiene, moved from talking just to men, to talking to the entire family.

After the product was repositioned as a family health soap, it was clear that the communication would have to talk to the family.

So, the germ story has evolved over the years, from an all-male campaign, to those featuring experts such as doctors, and the latest one—“Koi dar nahin!"—featuring a generation of young people that is not scared to change the world.

Every six months, we launch a new commercial. Over the next year, each variant of the brand will have its own story to tell, and each story will be carried forward with a series of commercials, which will focus on its strengths.

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