India whizzes past China in ‘creativity’ alley

India whizzes past China in ‘creativity’ alley


New Delhi: India has whizzed past China in the “creativity" alley, with the country occupying 15th position on the list of nations with most advertising awards as against the world’s most populous nation’s 19th rank. While India got 39 advertising awards, China received 18.

According to the Gunn Report 2007, an established name in the field of advertising recognitions that ranks countries on the basis of awards received in a year, India has been named as the world’s 15th most awarded country.

This represents a sharp jump of six positions from its 21st rank last year. Besides, India has been ranked higher than China, although it hasjumped two positions from its previous year’s rank.

India has also been ranked ahead of Mexico, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Norway and Belgium.

However, India is below another emerging economy and part of the BRIC quartet -- Brazil, which has moved up two positions to become the world’s fourth most awarded nation.

The list was led by the US, which toppled the UK as the most awarded nation. The UK stood second, followed by Argentina, Brazil and Japan in the bracket of top five.

The US received as many as 305 awards for best TV, print and interactive commercials, followed by 218 awards for the UK. India received a total 39 awards, including 27 for the TV, 10 for the print and two for interactive commercial campaigns.

China’s tally stood at 18, including four for TV, 11 for print and three for interactive campaigns.