Docu-film captures Charkhi-Dadri air crash of 1996

Docu-film captures Charkhi-Dadri air crash of 1996

New Delhi: Miditech, an independent production house, brings alive the world’s worst mid-air collision in history, through a 60-minute investigative documentary.

Based on the famous Charkhi-Dadri mid-air collision, which happened over the New Delhi airspace on 12November, 1996, the film is aptly named ‘Head on Aircrash’.

It recreates the mid-air collision which took the lives of 350 people when a Kazakhstan airlines Illyushin-76 jet and a Saudi Arabian airlines Boeing 747 jet crashed in the fields of Charkhi-Dadri, two small villages in Haryana, India.

A decade later the research team at Miditech has reopened log books, gone through transcripts and compiled available data to dig-out remains of the past and to answer facts which remained unanswered at the time of the verdict.

The well researched film substantiates its findings with expert comments of a panel constituting two of the original Lahoti Commission panelists, a primary investigator from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, UK (AAIB) who examined the Saudi Black Box, an Ilyushin training officer from the Indian Air Force and a member of the Indian Pilot’s Association.

"In ‘Head on Aircrash’, we have attempted to explain the ghastly truth which triggered the sequence of events that led to this accident. The incident is a classic case of ‘if only: “if only the Ministry of Civil Aviation acted in time’; “if only rules governing traffic flow in our airspace were changed in time"; “if only Kazakh crew knew what they were doing" and the list goes on.

Timely making of the docu

The documentary is specially relevant since it comes at a time, when incidents of near hits and misses in the air, on the runway, regular go-arounds are once again in the news.

“It serves as an alarm for all to look back and learn from a terrible accident, heed warnings and make sure an ‘if only’ kind of regret does not surface again", said Paramangsu Mukherjee, director,Miditech.

Blending state-of-the-art, photo-realistic 3D CG of the last 10 minutes of the flight path of the aircrafts and the crash, realistic portrayal of the last few minutes in the cockpit of the two aircrafts, approach/departure control of the Delhi ATC, archive footage and actual investigation footage of the mid-air collision, the film recreates with accuracy a 1 in 100 million occurrence in the field of aviation.

The film has been shown at the Rome Fiction Fest, 2007.