Slideshow | Key clashes in India vs Pak semi-final

Slideshow | Key clashes in India vs Pak semi-final

Sachin Tendulkar vs Umar Gul


Sachin Tendulkar (379 runs, economy rate 54.14), the world’s greatest batsman, is fiercely focused and determined in what is likely to be his final chance to play in a World Cup winning side. He has scored two hundreds and has a maximum two chances left at this tournament to record a 100th international century before a home crowd.

Umar Gul (14 wickets, economy rate 3.86) does not have the high profile of other Pakistan pace bowlers, including his team mate Shoaib Akhtar, but he has become a consummately skilled operator. Strong and lively, Gul is dangerous with the new ball and a master of reverse swing with the old.

Yuvraj Singh vs Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi (21/3.48) has swept all before him with his cleverly assorted mixture of quick leg-spinners, googlies and top-spinners, including 4-34 against the quick-footed Sri Lankans.

India must find an effective counter and the prolific Yuvraj Singh (341/113.66), may be the man. As a left-hander, Yuvraj starts with a natural advantage and his all-round abilities have gathered him four man-of-the-match awards.

Zaheer Khan vs Kamran Akmal

Zaheer Khan (17/4.47) is the best and most versatile of the Indian bowlers. The left-armer swings the new ball dangerously, contains in the middle overs and finds reverse swing at the end.

Kamran Akmal, (188/37.60) whose failings with the gloves have been well-documented, has been given a licence to attack at the start of the innings, a role he has performed with some success.

Harbhajan Singh vs Younis Khan

Harbhajan Singh (6/4.43) has played a containing rather than an attacking role but remains the best of the Indian spinners.

Younis Khan (172/34.20) is a supreme technician against all types of bowling who supplies ballast to a fragile middle-order.