San Francisco: Micro-blogging platform Twitter has launched Twitter Lite Android app in 21 more countries, including India, that will minimize data usage, load quickly on slower networks and take up less space on a mobile device.

The app, built for 2G and 3G networks which are still in use in several parts of India, helps a user save on data while using it, like Facebook Lite and YouTube Go, the company said in a statement on Monday.

With a much smaller footprint of three megabyte (3MB) installation size, Twitter Lite app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and it will now be available in over 45 countries, it said.

“While using the app on 2G or 3G, you’ll notice that content will load quickly on Twitter Lite. We want to make sure you can see what’s happening no matter what network you’re on," the company said.

The micro-blogging site had launched the data-friendly Lite Android app in 24 countries in December last. About the app’s features, the company said it wanted to ensure that Twitter Lite was accessible to people with data, bandwidth, and device constraints.

“By enabling Data saver, you can control which images and videos load on your phone. You can still load all this content at any time by hitting ‘Load image’ or ‘Load video’, helping you save money and data in real time," it said.

The company said if users are running low on data and want to save a tweet for later, they can use the ‘Bookmark’ feature, and send the saved tweet when they have more data or a better internet connection.

“Starting today, Twitter Lite supports push notifications, allowing you to keep up with what’s happening around the world," said the micro-blogging platform that currently has 335 million users. The night mode feature gives timeline a darker theme - easier on eyes and to read even during the day, it said.

“Threaded Tweets are now available on Twitter Lite. We’ve made it easy to create a thread by adding a plus button in the composer, so you can connect your thoughts and publish your threaded Tweets all at the same time," said the statement.