Permission marketing on mobile phones

Permission marketing on mobile phones

Mobile Monday


22 October

Mobile phones have become the medium of choice for marketers to reach consumers directly. But it’s a very personal and intrusive device. So, permission marketing becomes a necessity when using this medium.

The October event of Mobile Monday (MoMo) Mumbai was held around the topic Permission Marketing Opportunities on Mobile. More than 100 people from the mobile industry from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune participated in the event.

Although still in its infancy, the mobile permission marketing ecosystem is coming together in India. The event saw participants from various constituents of the mobile marketing ecosystem such as publishers with pull, push and user-generated inventory, small and big advertisers, intermediaries such as ad agencies and ad networks as well as the operators.

Panellists included SMS publishers—the equivalent of online publishers or Internet websites in the mobile world: Rajesh Jain of, Ajay Vaishnavi of 58888 and Sanyog Jain of

Vinod Thadani of GroupM talked about the need for SMS publishers to collect profiles of their users. There was discussion on pricing of SMS ads and how an ads-auction system similar to Google AdSense can create value for publishers and advertisers.

Some things are still work-in-progress. Whether pay-per-response or pay-per-impression pricing will rule, DNC (do not call registry) is still a black box and not much is known about its impact on permission-based SMS advertising, and the key issue of the value add done by operators in SMS advertising.

Veer Bothra manages the content and communities group at Mumbai-based Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is also a co-organizer of Mobile Monday Mumbai.