Top of the Mind Ad Survey | New offerings herald the festive season

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | New offerings herald the festive season

It was a month of low scores again. Clinic Plus shampoo, the best on-air advertisement, scored only 67 on the ad reach index to claim the No. 1 spot in the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey in August. With a brand recall of 92%, it scored only 73% on the awareness scale.

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At No. 2 in the survey, which gathers the voices of 762 randomly chosen consumers across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, was the Thums Up ad. Featuring the brand ambassador, actor Akshay Kumar, it scored 65 on the ad reach index. The ad seems to have been timed perfectly, releasing just before the second season of Fear Factor Khatron ke Khiladi, which airs on the Hindi general entertainment channel Colors and is anchored by the actor.

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As our expert Santosh Desai says, “After showing us the 17 different ways in which Akshay Kumar can leap over/dive from/narrowly dodge different modes of transportation, the brand takes a break and begins where the other ads end."

The third position went to Vodafone. Two ads—Videocon and Domino’s Pasta—boast of 98% brand recall, but have poor awareness scores—60% and 41%, respectively. No specific product category dominated the top 15 list in the month, as big brands such as Vodafone (with an overall score of 62) and Airtel (at No. 8) jostled for space with smaller brands such as Sleepwell Mattress (at No. 13) and Halls Mentho-Lyptus (at No. 9).

Nine of the top 15 ads also figured in the list of top 15 ads based on ad diagnostics, indicative perhaps of the fact that factors such as enjoyment and believability are becoming important for marketeers and ad agencies.

The Uni Homes ad tops the ad diagnostics list with a score of 89, bolstered by a perfect 100% on the likeability index. The Uni Homes and Cadbury Dairy Milk (at No. 4, with a score of 60 on the ad reach index) commercials also herald the festive season, a time when many brands launch new ad campaigns.

“A decent effort this time, even if not close to the highs reached by this brand in the past," says Desai about the Cadbury Dairy Milk ad. Expect more such “festival ads" in the next couple of months.

1. Clinic Plus

Lowe Worldwide

A young girl is dancing, showing off her long, thick, beautiful hair. The secret to her long mane: the new Clinic Plus. The voice-over: With a new look and fragrance, Clinic Plus makes hair strong from within.

2. Thums Up

Leo Burnett

Actor Akshay Kumar is unperturbed when his battered car breaks down on the road; he is happy to have his Thums Up. A friend asks why he can’t drink something else. He gives her the Thums Up bottle. Once she tastes it, she is reluctant to give it back. The tag line: Taste the thunder.

3. Vodafone

Ogilvy and Mather

A man in a bathtub, a woman stuck in traffic, an executive in a meeting, a man working out and a father holding a sleeping baby—none of them can answer the cellphone when it rings. The tag line: Can’t take calls? Record your busy message.

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Ogilvy and Mather

Two postmen are surprised when they see the usual festive fervour missing in a colony on Diwali. They intentionally drop letters in the wrong houses, forcing the residents to come out and meet their neighbours. The tag line: Make someone happy this Diwali.

5. Junior Horlicks


A boy is learning how to use a phone and a girl, how to brush her teeth. Another boy is learning cycling, and yet another how to tie his shoelaces. Children face new challenges every day. The voice-over: Junior Horlicks helps children by providing complete nutrition.

6. Videocon

McCann Erickson

Two green blobs are sitting on the beach when they spot a boy drowning. The younger blob dives in to save him, but the powerful waves throw him back. The smaller blob then joins hands with the bigger one and together they bring the boy back to the shore. The tag line: Change is powerful.

7. Tata Sky Plus

Ogilvy and Mather

Actor Asin Thottumkal doesn’t compromise when it comes to food. But what does she do when her favourite TV show is on? It’s simple. When she is busy cooking, her favourite show gets recorded on Tata Sky Plus. The tag line: Pause + record + rewind Live TV.

8. Airtel

Rediffusion Y&R

A little girl called Anna and her friends blow a large soap bubble into the sky. The bubble floats a long distance before reaching their friend’s house in another city. The friend gets the message and bursts the bubble. The tag line: Now STD@50p.

9. Halls Mentho-Lyptus

Contract Advertising

A man takes a Halls to get some relief from a sore throat. Its coolness transports him to another world, where he imagines himself playing in the snow with a polar bear. The tag line: Thandi saans ka blast (A blast of cool breath).

10. Parle Mango Bite

Thoughtshop India

A little boy called Rony is good at both studies and games, and is envied by other boys. They think Rony, being so good and fast at everything, will lose the slow cycling race. But Rony pops a Parle Mango Bite into his mouth before the race and cycles slowly, relishing the taste of the toffee. He wins. The tag line: Aam ki raseeli goli, enjoy very slowly (Juicy mango candy, enjoy it very slowly).

11. Parle Digestive Marie

Everest Brand Solutions

A woman who is jogging stops to have golgappas, only to have thechaat vendor point out the harmful effects of junk food. A man extols the nutritional values of Parle Digestive Marie. The woman digests the message and the ad ends with her running away from the golgappas.

12. ICICI Prudential Retirement Solutions

Lowe Worldwide

An office executive is shown coaching children in cricket. Another shot shows him plucking apples in an orchard. Yet another shot shows him running a cafe. It turns out he is dreaming about what he’ll do after retirement—he has an ICICI Prudential Retirement Solutions plan which will give him a monthly income for life. The tag line: Retirement, the world’s best job.

13. Sleepwell Mattress

Rediffusion Y&R

A man wakes up in the morning and, still groggy, proceeds to clean his car. He scrubs and cleans the car till it is spotless. As he stands back to admire his work, another man comes along, gives him a quizzical look and drives away in the car. The man realizes he has cleaned someone else’s car. The tag line: It shows when you don’t sleep well.

14. Domino’s Pasta

Contract Advertising

VJ Cyrus Sahukar wants pasta. He goes all over town looking for a restaurant. In the process, he gets robbed and his car is struck by lightning. Finally, he realizes that pasta is just a phone call away. He calls up Domino’s. The tag line: Khushiyon ki home delivery (Happiness home-delivered).

15. Asian Paints Royale

Contract Advertising

Actor Saif Ali Khan throws a party at his house. He gets tense every time the walls get dirty—a woman’s umbrella hits the wall, somebody spills a drink, another guest rests a stiletto against the wall. But Khan need not worry once his walls are protected with Asian Paints Royale. The tag line: What’s beautiful just stays beautiful.

Graphics by Ahmed Raza Khan / Mint