On the spot | Rocky start, but 2010 is just warming up

On the spot | Rocky start, but 2010 is just warming up

Good, but there’s an overwhelming sense of familiarity


Ogilvy and Mather

This campaign certainly needs no charity, given its undoubted quality. The new set of commercials is as good as the last one, and together they stand out as a beacon this month.

The storytelling is as sharp and the execution continues to be as inspired as the last time around. The problem, if any, is that there is an overwhelming sense of familiarity around the campaign, given the number of creative units we have seen.

At the end of the day, this is great work, but it still ends up feeling like an extension of an already sumptuous meal. Burp.

It falls short of the inspired lunacy that marks the brand

Bingo/International Cream & Onion

Ogilvy and Mather

Nice execution, but by no means the best we have seen from this brand. The idea of a translated-in-turgid-Hindi soundtrack overlaying an international film is fresh, and the delivery of the idea more than competent. But it still falls short of the inspired lunacy that marks the best of Bingo advertising. Well tried is half begun, I guess.

Pretty bad advertising, and dumb too

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes


Now, this is a brand doing spectacularly bad advertising of late as a matter of principle. Remember the one last year, when a wife is trying to become slim so as to please the husband’s boss at a party? This one is a little better, to be honest, but it still makes us cry out for some regulation on the claims brands get away with.

Here, we have a father not knowing which wires to connect when trying to repair an electrical fault. It turns out he suffers from a medical condition called dumbness, the cure for which is iron-loaded Kellogg’s breakfast cereal. If indeed Kellogg’s makes us so smart, how come its advertising is so dumb? I leave you to think about it.