My pick of the best from the list of TV spots I happened to catch on the idiot box recently would be the Tata Docomo commercials. They are light, witty and a totally refreshing break from the cookie-cutter formula of ads these days that depend solely on film stars, celebrities and cricketers to drive their message home. The simple storyline, clean execution and relatable characters of the commercials make both the “pay per second" and “diet SMS" spots stand out from the rest of the stuff that’s on air.

The logo tune at the end sounds childish at first, but has all the potential to be a humming No.1 in the weeks to come.

I like the fact that the spots are fun, contemporary and get the message across sharply. Billing for calls by the second, or just the SMS characters that one uses is a great way to lure customers away from current service providers. Vodafone had better keep a dog planted behind these guys’ backs.

—As told to Priyanka Mehra