India gets its first ice cream museum in Delhi

India gets its first ice cream museum in Delhi

New Delhi: Having given ice cream lovers Delhi Delight, Manhattan Mania, 21 Love, Rum Raisin, Nutty Buddy amongst a host of ice cream flavours, Nirula’s now launches the country’s first exclusive ice cream museum.

A brand which made pizzas and fast food a household name in the 80’s, retains its leadership position in the ice cream space, thanks to continuous innovation.

Showcasing their entire range of frozen delights, the museum will offer visitors a structured tour where they will witness and paricipate in the different processes of ice cream manufacturing. They will laddle creams, scoop out their choicest fillings in scones and even sample some of these delights.

Guiding kids through Ice Cream wonderland will be Nirula’s Buddy, a special children’s mascot who will show them a picture gallery dedicated to 21 of their most-in demand flavours; a mixing room where huge vats process over thousands of litres of milk every day and wall posters from the 1970’s

Samir Kuckreja, CEO and managing director, Nirula’s Group said, “both ice creams and kids have a long lasting and intrinsic relationship with Nirula’s. The museum will indulge their gastronomic side and give them a smattering of ice cream facts, culled from across the world from different time zones."

Ice cream recipes, poems, games, and live demos will be an on-going activity.

Following the milk pipes, visitors will be taken to the plant below, where they will be allowed to mix flavours, add toppings, and fill up tubs of ice cream.

While old timers who have been frequenting the parlour cum restaurant in the capital for decades, suggested Nirulas get their pet flavours patented, the team at the ice cream ‘factory’ continue to churn out a new flavour every month. Their recently launched Ice cream Kiosks, located inside air-conditioned premises offer sundaes, shakes, sodas, coffee, tea and pastries.