India get first international cruise from home port

India get first international cruise from home port

Mumbai: Louis Cruises India, a subsidiary of Cyprus-based 12-ship Louis Cruises, will operate its cruising activities from 2 December to 25 April 2010 from Kochi, Kerela.

M V Aquamarine luxury liner from Loius Cruises will sail from Kochi to Maldives and Sri Lanka for five months in the Indian ocean with a carrying capacity of 1200 passengers on board.

Louis Cruises’ CEO Oniel Khosa said, Aquamarine will operate for three days and two days to Maldives and Sri Lanka respectively during the period, which he said, was the most conducive time to cruise in the Indian Ocean.

When asked about why the company chose Kochi as its home port, Khosa said the Kerala government was proactive in making the state a world class destination.

“Besides the distance from Kochi to Colombo and Maldives was the shortest as compared to other ports like Goa and Mumbai as Indians are generally not inclined towards long sailing," he said.

He also said the company expected over 60,000 travellers every year.

With amenities available on board, Aquamarine also has a mini golf course and a space for cricket.