Spot Light | Indigo Airlines

With around 17 years’ experience in the advertising industry, Bobby Pawar, chief creative officer, Mudra Group, has worked for brands such as AT&T, American Express, Volkswagen and United Way.

Beautifully crafted: Pawar.

The new Broadway-style commercial for IndiGo, by Wieden + Kennedy India, has the airlines crew announcing the launch of its international services.

What did you think of the ad?

The first thing that strikes you is, I guess, the most obvious: It’s a well-made bit of film. The writing is pretty good. The choreography, the styling and the editing is as sharp as the genre requires it to be. It is a lesson in commitment, in that if you are going to do something like Broadway, you have to go the whole hog. Half measures in this case would have been like ghee-less halwa, a mutated thing that offers little joy. Does it have an idea except communicating the message through the vehicle of a musical? Probably not. But hey, you don’t always need a Big Idea. Sometimes, a big execution can do the job. Now, of course, a tiny, shrill voice in your head will ask: “Is this a big execution?" Not quite. It does not bring anything new to the table—a new technique, a new spin on the formula. It is what it is, a beautifully crafted, Broadway-style commercial.

Going the whole hog: The commercial adds panache to the brand.

Since my cup of questions does runneth over, I’ll let one of them loose and attempt to answer it. If you don’t like it, well, don’t look at me funny. I didn’t ask you to buy the newspaper or read my drivel, for that matter. Will the masses get it? No and yes. But that’s not their problem, is it? They are launching their international service; ergo, it stands to reason they are talking to people who travel abroad. Hmmm! So this is my final verdict. It’s a nice piece of film, short on idea, but it does a good job of adding panache to a brand that has cheap fares but does not want to be perceived as cheap.

What’s your favourite ad in this category?

There’s a great commercial for Virgin airlines that I love. It starts with a fat guy spotting an attractive man in a bar. He serenades him, then we see how they fall in love and finally end up getting married. The VO (voice-over): If you wanted to sleep with him, you would have married him. Then we see the duo in economy seats. The fat guy is sleeping on the attractive guy’s shoulder while he looks on unhappily. Then the VO talks about the wider seats in Virgin’s economy class.

As told to Gouri Shah.