It’s not good enough to be ISO 360 degrees compliant these days. The bandwagon passed you (and me) by. Just when we thought we had it all sorted out, the new business manager discovers an altogether new toy.

It’s called the Internet. If you are not viral, you haven’t got a clue. Nobody will ever know about your product and soon, mold will cover you, evenbefore you can wither away and die.

Ashish Khazanchi

I make it a point to sit in at brainstorming sessions with the planner, art director and head of the IT department. The best ideas can come from anywhere, even from creative people. I just hope the IT guys don’t run away with the credit for our ideas, if we ever manage to come up with one.

The 30-second spot is dead and the 60-cc is history. Is the idea ‘virable’ or ‘youtubable’ is the question that has the digitally-challenged break out in cold sweat in pitch presentations. I should know, I am just back from a basmati chawal (rice) campaign presentation.

There’s a formula for the pitches: a 2x4cm flash animated adapt of the press campaign. “When you click on this, you go straight to the companywebsite, where information about the product can be disseminated in an interactive manner." Standing ovation usually follows.

None of the genius of the Harvey Dent virals for Batman 4—The Dark Knight, or the Nine Inch Nails viral campaign for ‘the year zero project’.

Pure devious delight (look them up if you haven’t seen these. Fodder for the next presentation maybe).

No sir. None of that. Just a tick-box that needs to be ticked before the layouts are put in the boot of the car and the scripts in the brown envelope.

As told to Anushree Chandran.

The author is joint national creative director, Ambience Publicis Advertising Pvt. Ltd.