Ticketing, website problems dog CWG

Ticketing, website problems dog CWG

New Delhi: The Commonwealth Games top officials insisted Sunday the problems that have plagued the event are slowly being ironed out, but admitted ticketing and website issues remain.

As the Games entered their second week, Commonwealth Games Federation chief Mike Fennell said the biggest area still dogging organisers was the blundering information service for the press.

Thousands of international media are in Delhi, but the official website, which gives media and others timely, basic information, has been a disaster.

Results, schedules, statistics and biographies have frequently not been available, with a new website having to be created on Saturday to try and make amends.

“It has not been good on the information system. We continue to work and see how we can correct the glitches," said Fennell.

“This is the main area of concern. We are very unhappy with the Games information system. We hope the alternative arrangements are helping."

Swiss Timing manages the Games’ information system, with the Infostrada company the providers.

The poor service is a big embarrassment for India, which prides itself on being a technology power.

Experts quoted by Indian media have blamed miscalculations in determining bandwidth output for the shambles.

While stadiums are now starting to fill up after a barrage of complaints by people not being able to purchase tickets, Fennell said he continued to receive mixed reports.

“For example, we have had reports from the wrestling to say that attendance is really good, and there has been a very good turnout at the athletics," he said.

“But we know there are problems elsewhere and there are a lot of complaints that people can’t buy tickets or use their tickets to get in."

He said though that transportaion problems had been largely resolved with hundreds of new drivers employed who know their way around Delhi, while praising the thousands of young volunteers for their exemplary conduct.

“We’re very satisfied that the competition is now going well," he said.

Embattled organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, who has consistently insisted the Games are up to scratch, again repeated his mantra on Sunday.

“Generally all the athletes are happy and all events are being held on schedule," said Kalmadi, who had been missing from the Games’ daily press conferences for the previous two days.

“We’ve sorted out the transportation issues and now we have no complaints at all. Catering is now on track and it has been a successful week. The crowds are flocking into stadiums.

“So generally, things are in place."