Mumbai: Advertising agency Soho Square, a unit of Ogilvy & Mather India, has added four new drinks from Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd to its portfolio.

These four new soft drinks—Spyci-the ‘twisted cola’, Limonata, a lemon-flavoured drink, and two fruit-flavoured drinks—Fonzo, an aerated mango drink, and Pinacolada—will be managed by the Soho Square Mumbai office which has been managing the company’s other brands, namely Bisleri water and soda, Vedica mineral water and Urzza energy drink, for close to four years.

All four brands will be launched under the “Bisleri Pop" portfolio which will initially be advertised across channels such as outdoor media, in-store advertising, point of sale, retail and digital among others. The campaign will be launched in Mumbai and Delhi this week. “We will move to above-the-line (ATL) advertising in due course," said Samrat Bedi, head, Soho Square, adding that the launch of these products will be radically different from an agency point of view.

“There will be minimal ATL support at the beginning. Thus we are working doubly hard on other aspects like packaging, pricing and innovative means of communication," he explained.

Another interesting aspect about the campaign is that all four soft drinks, though widely different in flavour and proposition, will all be launched together in one campaign. This strategy is unlike any other player in the market, which typically tends to focus on each drink separately.

“While that (advertising each product separately) is a strategy that other big consumer product companies typically tend to employ, Bisleri has always believed in bucking the trend. We are putting our best foot forward with this, and hope to take it from there. Moreover, introducing four new drinks under the mother brand, which is very strong and has immense goodwill as well as credibility in this market, can only be a good thing," said Bedi. While the products have been created to appeal to a large audience, they will be targeted at young consumers in the 18-35 years age bracket.

“The idea is to launch drinks in spaces familiar to but very different from existing taste palates. So, while there is a cola and a lemony drink in the new portfolio, the effort has been to give them a lot of twists. Plus there are two new drinks altogether. The consumer is looking to experiment and we have given these options," said Ramesh Chauhan, chairman, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.

Mohit Ahuja, senior vice-president, Soho Square, said: “It is quite challenging to be in a space which is dominated by two big and numerous small players. These new drinks will benefit highly from the testimonial role of brand Bisleri, as well as the mother brand’s reach."