Corporate leaders to attend decision-making class

Corporate leaders to attend decision-making class

New Delhi: Strategic decision-making has gained prominence among the Indian corporate over the past year as they have come under larger scrutiny now, following scandals like Satyam.

To fulfill the need for more intelligent corporate leaders, Goldman Communications, best known for its strategic business forums & world class training courses for ‘C’ level decision makers in corporate India will host a two-day program on Advanced Financial Modelling from 21-22 January in Mumbai at The Lalit hotel. Senior members from across the industry are expected to attend this workshop.

The course aims to instruct about specific insights, strategies, tools & techniques that goes into data analysis using Microsoft Excel, budgeting & financial planning. Information will be provided about Monte Carlo Simulations, which helps organizations to perform quantitative assessments on risk and make well-informed and profitable decisions in the current and competitive business scenarios.

An international expert on the subject and CEO of SNT International, South Africa Gerald Strever, has been appointed to conduct the course. Strever is known for his authority in the design and application of financial and business models for various corporate worldwide like Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Shell and BMW.