Falls short: Arun Iyer.

Falls short: Arun Iyer.

Spot Light | BlackBerry

Spot Light | BlackBerry

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Reviewer: Arun Iyer

Falls short: Arun Iyer.


Action Starts Here is a regionally developed brand campaign by BBDO and Research In Motion Ltd. The concept stems from the understanding that BlackBerry (BB) is an enabler of action—whether it is losing weight, getting the girl of your dreams, staying together as a family, taking a break or skydiving, BB enables people to do what they want to do. The “red splat" symbol is used in the forefront throughout the advertisement. The campaign has been launched in India and Thailand.

What are your first thoughts on the campaign?

Mismatch: The execution fails to deliver on the intent of the ad.

What would you have done differently?

A starting point of “action starts here" could have been instances that were a lot more meaningful or relevant. I would have attempted to find more actions that connect with people and things that people usually have an inertia towards.

How does this compare with the previous BB campaigns?

The Vodafone-BB campaign BlackBerry Boys played on a lovely insight on what was actually happening in reality. BB, which started out as a corporate brand, was actually moving to the youth because of features such as BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), so it wasn’t restricted to that corporate audience any more. The advertisement captured that element well.

Any recent ad in the category which caught your attention?

Honestly, no. Nokia’s latest accessories campaign was nice-looking. Beyond that, nothing much in the mobile handset space really grabs you. The Samsung (Galaxy) SIII campaign was cold and the Apple iPhone ad is features-led.

Is mobile-phone advertising a highly competitive category?

The mobile handset category is a cluttered category. You have to understand that India is a highly competitive handset market, which makes it difficult for brands. The Nokia Lumia campaign was nicely shot, but they have missed the bus on the high-end smartphones. But vis-a-vis the smartphones category, where BlackBerry operates, you see some work with Micromax, which too has launched smartphones. Mobile phones are intuitive devices and connect to what people think, so just mentioning features is not sufficient. People need to be told what difference it can make to their lives.

As told to Suneera Tandon.