PSU insurers in talks with ICC for WC insurance cover

PSU insurers in talks with ICC for WC insurance cover

New Delhi: Eyeing a multi-crore deal, four state-run insurers, besides General Insurance Corporation are in talks with ICC for insuring the cricket World Cup 2011 commencing on 19 February.

India will host 27 matches at eight venues, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Gujarat and Nagpur.

The state-owned re-insurance firm General Insurance Corporation (GIC) and the four PSU general insurance companies , United India Insurance, New India Assurance, Oriental Insurance and National Insurance would insure the one and a half month long event.

“The General Insurance Corporation is finalising the insurance cover for the one and half month long cricketing event. It all depends on the total cost involved in hosting the games and the sum would be decided soon," United India Insurance chairman and managing director G Srinivasan said.

The 2011 World Cup would begin on 19 February and end on 2 April. The broadcasting rights for the international sporting event is with ESPN and the telecaster has reportedly asked for a cover of over 500 crore.

He said the insurers would provide cover broadly to organisers of the event and media telecaster.

“Insurance cover would be to organisers in the event of cancellation and also to media for revenue loss arising out of loss of advertisement in telecasting the games," Srinivasan said.

The insurance cover would compensate for any loss arising from cancellation due to a natural calamity, like earthquake, floods or riot, and terror attacks.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) cricket World Cup is the showpiece event of the cricketing calendar and takes place every four years, with matches contested in a 50 overs per side format.

Apart from India two other Asian countries, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would together host a total of 49 matches of the World Cup.