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Printing on-the-go has always been a hassle for smartphone users. Thinxtream has built two products—PrintJinni and PrintRover—to address this issue for individual consumers and companies. PrintJinni is a consumer product that works on the Apple, Android and BlackBerry platforms while PrintRover is an enterprise suite available to big companies. The application securely connects to the nearest printer without disclosing the IP (Internet Protocol, or Web address) information to either of the two parties. The format of the print also remains unaltered.

Thinxtream Technologies Pte. Ltd

Founded: 2009; website:; Founder/chief executive officer (CEO): Ranga Raj

Reminiscent of the Tom Cruise starrer Minority Report, this start-up manufactures interactive display technologies to keep customers engaged, taking customer interaction to the next level. The array of patented products includes interactive walls, floors and tables. In keeping with its name, MotionMagix is a gesture-based technology that uses motion and IR (infrared) sensors to interact with customers by way of games and other fun advertisements. With MotionMagix, the interactive area or game reacts when customers approach the zone. The start-up’s clients include many Fortune 500 companies including Google Inc., International Business Machines Corp. and Cisco Inc.

TouchMagix Media Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2009; website:; Founder/CEO: Anup Tapadia

Card payments have never been easier. With Ezetap, any phone can act like a card machine. This is a service that includes a mobile card reader, a configurable mobile application, and a platform that allows Ezetap or any third party to build and add value-added services to its core payment service. The Ezetap solution costs about $50 per unit.

Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2011; website:; Founder/CEO: Abhijit Bose

If you fancy the outfits your favourite film-stars wear, then things are going to be fun online. With Hoverr, a new computer vision technology by 3Y3 Digital Labs, a simple move of the computer mouse over the image of the outfit or accessory that you find alluring will bring up an advertisement of similar looking clothes. The technology scans an input image and extracts the fingerprint from the image and matches it with a database of images from advertising retail or e-commerce companies—all this in just four seconds.

3Y3 Digital Labs Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2013; website:; Founder/CEO: Vijay Ram Kumar Marimuthu

Building new mobile app need not be the preserve of geeks any longer. Now anyone can work on their ideas with Mobilous, which has a set of modules to help build mobile apps. The builder does not need to have knowledge of computer programming. The app-building tool, called AppExe, supports cross-platform integrations of HTML5 (hyper text markup language that helps users make a Web page) with iOS, Android and Windows (mobile operating systems from Apple Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp., respectively). The complete solution includes app-building, testing, release and even uploading onto app stores.

Mobilous Inc.

Founded: 2011; website:; Founder/CEO: Rakesh Sharrma

Security product firm iViZ has developed an artificial intelligence-based technology to simulate a human hacker and show all the permutations and combinations of possible attacks and defences against the hacker. This software, which has been patented in the US, claims to be the first online pay-per-use software. It primarily focuses on security testing of Web and mobile applications.

iViZ Security Inc.

Founded: 2006; website:; Founder/CEO: Bikash Anand

Interview Master is a solution that allows for automated video interviews that do not require the presence of an interviewer. The solution captures high-quality videos of answers from candidates from any location—regardless of poor bandwidth, noisy backgrounds and cheap hardware—and makes them available to managers with an inbuilt evaluation tool for assessment. The solution can handle up to 10,000 candidates simultaneously.

Interview Master Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2012; website:; Founder/CEO: Sanjoe Jose

With the proliferation of social networking websites, online chats during office hours could eat into work productivity. Sapience developed an analytics suite that captures employee work patterns without any manual intervention. Agents installed on individual machines collect user data, analyse and filter it in keeping with a company’s privacy policy, and forward the data to a central server. Each user gets an individual dashboard that assists them in improving work efficiency, while business analysis and reporting is made available to managers. A company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) and other systems are also integrated to ensure better analysis across all units of the company. Sapience, which has filed a patent for its solution, claims there is no intrusion of privacy because the company can only view work-related details as confirmed by the employee.

Sapience Analytics Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2008; website:; Founder/CEO: Shirish Deodhar

Oil rigs have hundreds of drill heads, each with about 25 sensors that transmit data every 15 seconds. However, since each sensor is monitored individually, it’s very difficult to make sense of any danger alerts that could be picked up from this massive amount of data, or the so-called big data. Flutura has developed a machine-to-machine (M2M) big data analytics platform, christened Cerebra, that has the capability to unlock signals embedded within machine logs and help users choose how they wish to act in different scenarios. M2M refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type. Cerebra, which can be developed both as a cloud as well as an on-site solution, extracts signals and patterns using advanced machine-learning algorithms from multiple sensors. Flutura, which has filed a patent for Cerebra, has devised similar solutions for sectors such as telecom and building management, besides applying the solution to smart meters that can capture current, voltage and power readings every 15 minutes across millions of homes.

Flutura Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2012; website:; Founder/CEO: Krishnan Raman

MindTickle is a cloud-based learning platform that enables businesses to create, deliver, manage and track online courses. Creating courses on MindTickle is all about uploading and embedding existing content (including videos, presentations, documents and quizzes). The course content is accessible by personal computers and tablets.

MindTickle Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2011; website:; Founder/CEO: Krishna Depura

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