Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Beating back bullies to win top slot

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Beating back bullies to win top slot

Ads for a detergent, a mobile phone service, a chocolate, a life insurance company, a breakfast food, a quiz show, a 3G tablet and a flip-flops brand—a motley bunch of TV commercials—took the top 10 spots in the Mint-Ipsos-TVAdIndx survey for July.

The ad for Surf Excel, the detergent made by Hindustan Unilever Ltd, emerged by far the No. 1 commercial for the month in terms of brand awareness, recall and reach.

Not one of the ads that figured in the top 10 of the June ad survey made it to the July list. The July assortment was wider than the June list, in which ads for Reliance Netconnect—the wireless Internet connection for laptops and desktops—clinched four of the 10 spots.

Surf Excel also topped the scores in the ad diagnostics index, which measures the softer features of commercials such as likeability, enjoyability and believability. Ads for Aircel Pocket Internet, the mobile phone company’s Internet gateway, and Tata i-Shakti dal, the pulses made by Tata Chemicals Ltd, figured in the ad diagnostics index in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

The survey polled 754 respondents in the higher income groups in the 18-40 age group in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Surf Excel

Lowe Worldwide

Schoolboys in white uniforms are playing cricket when some seniors ask them to leave the field. The juniors plead with them, saying there are just two overs left in the game. In response, a senior shoves one of the boys. The young boy lands in slush, his uniform covered in mud, as the seniors mock—and the juniors start leaving the pitch. But the boy holds his ground. He rubs some more mud on his uniform, and asks the older boys for a hug as a sign of truce. They try and escape him, and he chases them away. The younger boys return—not to their game, but to play in the slush. Tag line: Daag Achche Hain (Stains Are Good).

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