Signature campaign to protect tigers

Signature campaign to protect tigers

Tamil Nadu: A signature campaign has been launched in the state to give an impetus to the countrywide effort to protect tigers.

The campaign titled ‘The Roar of the Tigers´ is being organized by the Nilgiris Wildlife and Environment Association (NWEA) on behalf of the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Launching the campaign, Nilgiris district collector Santosh K Mishra said a committee of volunteers should be formed to educate tourists about the “dos and don’ts" while visiting wildlife sanctuaries.

Rakesh Kumar Dogra, a wildlife warden, informed that the country had only about 1,500 tigers, which were facing different forms of threats from various quarters.

As part of the campaign, a banner would be taken to various educational institutions, corporate houses and public places to mobilize support through signatures, NWEA vice president, Geetha Sreenivasan said.

The signatures thus collected would be submitted to the Prime Minister, she said. Animal activists are happy that finally Indians are beginning to take note of species that could soon be extinct and are taking up the cause passionately.