New Delhi: Platinum Guild International – India has rolled out a Friendship Day campaign which features a married couple who are not only bound by love but also friendship.

Developed and conceptualized by digital agency Dentsu Webchutney, the campaign features three short and long and long digital videos that bringing out little instances of pure friendship that exists between a young married couple.

The stories exhibit relationship which has honesty, vulnerability, companionship, and mutual respect because it has friendship at its core. The love that results from such a partnership is to be celebrated with a precious metal such as platinum is the message the brand wants to give.

“Our research has shown that ‘friendship’ is extremely aspirational in a couples’ relationship both before and after marriage. Finding a best friend in your partner is rare, retaining friendship in your relationship is even more rare. With this campaign, we aim to encourage couples to remember and aspire to be friends first," said Sujala Martis, director - consumer marketing, Platinum Guild International – India.

The campaign is currently being promoted across digital and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Pravin Sutar, executive creative director, Dentsu Webchutney, said, “Friendship should outlast other emotions in a couple’s relationship, but more often than not it takes a backseat. Through friends first narrative, we are starting a conversation that highlights the importance of friendship in a relationship through highly relatable and alluring scenarios. We are asking viewers to ponder and eventually revisit this rare bond that once was the initiator of their relationship."

In addition to the digital videos, between 2 and 11 August, PGI India will also run an in-store reward program where every customer will have a chance to receive gifts on purchase of Platinum Love Bands.

According to Naresh Gupta, strategy head and managing partner at advertising agency Bang in the Middle use of couples to craft brand message in advertising is not new.

“Brands such as Amazon Prime and Crompton fans have been doing it. The trick is to overplay the relationship and underplay the brand message. In the PGI India ads, there seems to be a bit of staleness," he said.

While the couple in the current ads bring charm, Gupta thinks that the brand placement seems slightly forced. “It could have been a very good plank, but it is lost in execution," he added.

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