BIG but definitely not out of the box

BIG but definitely not out of the box

Brand: Reliance BIG DTH

Agency: DDB Mudra, India

Reviewer: Emmanuel Upputuru, national creative director, Publicis India.

Spot: The ad is a montage of people demonstrating that if you don’t have the biggest, it’s not worth having it at all. So, the film begins with a guy swinging his big moustache around and exclaiming, “If you don’t have a big moustache, it’s not worth having one at all" (I agree, that’s why I don’t have one). This is followed by a couple of other people explaining the same philosophy. The message—if you don’t have BIG TV, it’s not worth having one at all. True to the message, the budget also looks BIG.

When you thin-slice the spot, what you get is BIG. That’s probably what the intention was to start with.

Why I don’t like it: It’s harsh to say I don’t like it. But what I feel is this: It’s just another television spot.

Because television as a category is so interesting, so interactive—I think that so much could have been done to launch such a big TV service.

How I would have done it: I wouldn’t have started with a TV spot. I would have thought out of the box. Literally. I would have tried to tell a story. Because stories are contagious.

First, the plot: What if all the channels were to be played at the same time? How many TV sets would you need? Wow! Imagine that. And then, I probably would have invited/created India’s biggest family in real life for a day/week in one big building. A family so big it has as many members as BIG TV has channels. So, say the TV has 154 channels, then we have a 154-member family. All watching the BIG TV channels. Then we get people involved and ask what each member of the family is watching.

I would have thought of another story. Like the HBO voyeur. Or I would have attempted to create a world record of some big attempts by people watching BIG TV. Something like the Panasonic Viera Marathon done by our Publicis Bangkok team.

But since I am not getting paid, this is it for now.