Fashioning trends for the family

Fashioning trends for the family

New Delhi: Esprit, a leading lifestyle brand that made its presence felt in India two years ago with a young and trendy range for 20-44 year olds has expanded its base by moving into kiddy zone.

By launching two exclusive lines - ‘Kidswear and Bodywear’, they will now reach out to kids, teens and women of all ages acorss exclusive retail outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

These latest additions to Esprit’s portfolio in the Indian market rounds off the brand product range, in an attempt to provide fashion options for the entire family, said Manjula Tiwari, Brand Head, Esprit India

Fashions of the 60s are the main feature in Esprit Kids for Autumn/Winter 2007-08. Influences from the 70s and 80s will also be seen in the Mini lines.

This year besides regular tunics, tights and denims, the collection includes formal and casual dresses in sensual fabrics such as chiffon, silk and satin to enhance the feminine catwalk look of the autumn/winter collections.

The look of 60s will predictably make a comeback this fall winter season with a style that is inspired by pop music and youth culture with masculine, stringent silhouettes that are sporty and stylish.

Also animal prints will continue to retain their vivacious spiritedness

In line with their overall style standards, outfits will have clean and classy lines which are appropriate for international tastes with a modern city look.

The “Mini styles" are made with charming details that appeal to “Little Rebels", a theme that struck a chord with children and parents, worldover.

Camisoles, strapless bras, multi functional and torselettes are part of their Bodywear category, and can be integrated in outerwear in different ways.

Lace-up inserts, beads, tiny decorative tags, multicoloured lace, flowers and embroidery add pretty highlights to bras, shorts, mini briefs, strings, camisoles and suspenders.

With a global turnover of $5 billion in retail value, the brand has a presence in 44 countries.