Power points

Power points


With more than 16 years’ experience in advertising, Sainath Saraban, executive creative director, Leo Burnett, Delhi, has worked on brands such as Thums Up, Maaza, Samsung, Levi’s, Pizza Hut, Boost, Perfetti, Kingfisher and General Motors.


The new advertisement for Amaron batteries by Ogilvy and Mather India shows a mechanic’s delivery boy hurrying through the town to deliver an Amaron battery to a stranded customer. As he rides on, he miraculously escapes near- death situations even before he can sense them. However, once the battery is delivered, his luck runs out.

What do you think of the ad?

I like the film because it is funny, the song is cool, and most importantly, I’m from that part of the world! I love the story of a jinxed guy whose good luck charm is his Amaron battery. The casting is good, the music is trippy, the lyrics are hilarious and the production values are quite neat. Even the voice-over, with the “silver ting silver tong" bit, stays with me. Though I seriously feel the latter part of the film could have been a little more morbid. But having said that, the film entertains me while leaving behind a simple straightforward message. Must check which battery is in my car, and I hope it’s an Amaron battery.

Do you think the ad works for the brand?

I think it should work for the brand. I certainly hope it works for the brand. Only then will clients in such so-called dry and boring categories have the courage to approve such cool scripts. Amaron advertising has achieved a somewhat cult status with its previous films, and I think it is phenomenal that they keep coming up with stuff that is entertaining, simple yet distinct.

What must agencies keep in mind while working on business-to-business brands?

The temptation while creating business-to-business communication is to say “we are not talking to the mass consumer, we’re talking to a hard-nosed business partner, supplier, etc. So let us be straight and informative. This has this. This has that. Logo. Thank you very much." But what most people forget is that a) those guys are human too and a little creativity won’t hurt and b) you’re not filtering your communication in such a manner that only those at the business end of your chain see it. The whole world sees it, and if they can enjoy the process of information, then why bore them to death with drab stuff?

Amaron is a great case in point when it comes to creating good business-to-business communication. A little while ago I think Essar had this nice execution of the blackboard and this guy drawing all sorts of stuff on it. The whole vibe was really friendly.

As told to Gouri Shah.