Web Exclusive |Arjun Rampal at Delhi’s first Hilfiger store

Web Exclusive |Arjun Rampal at Delhi’s first Hilfiger store

New Delhi: Celebrity endorsements have the power to loosen purse strings of the most conservative shoppers. And when you have style icons who have redefined fashion stepping forward, highlighting pluses of the brand in question, the impact is even more pronounced.

Arjun Rampal, model and actor was in town to inaugurate Tommy Hilfiger’s exclusive store in Saket, New Delhi on 28November. This is their first freestanding store in the capital, next to Gurgaon, though they do retail through concession stores in various malls across the country.Tete' a tete' with Arjun Rampal5e3a4cfc-9e4c-11dc-9a2a-000b5dabf636.flv

Arjun Rampal inaugurates Hilfiger store in Delhi

Wanting to ride the retail boom in India, Tommy Hilfiger tied up with Arvind Murjani Brands in 2004 through whom they have gradually tested the market and now are confidently expanding with both increased visibility and bringing a wider array of their famed product line.

The Delhi store is spread over 3000 sq feet replicating the new classical architecture that is characteristic of Tommy’s freestanding stores worldwide. For a Tommy loyalist it is reassuring to see that their India presence is marked by their youthful, energetic and fun image - whether it is through the outfits themselves or through the constantly changing layout and design of the store interiors.

Unveiling their Fall/Winter collection were three distinct fashion groups – Forest Ivy, Ocean Mist and Forest Charm. Combining rich Autumnal colours and textures with a range of top quality fabrics like tartans and spans there was an array of cardigans, waistcoats and perfectly fitted denims to choose from. Prices start from an affordable Rs1800 upwards for a shirt, fur lined jackets can be had for less than Rs10,000 and accessories like smart watches start at Rs4,850.

Accessories also include head gear, shades and perfumes. Clothes are definitely wearable though they do necessarily cater to young and shapely forms.

Arjun Rampal in conversation with Mallika Bajaj

Looking ultra cool and comfortable in his new Tommy apparel, Arjun was more than happy to endorse the collection, for he loves the range himself and finds it close to his own style statement.

When asked a rather obvious question, “Why Tommy?" he replied “I like clothes which I like to wear myself, and these are clothes I can very easily wear and be comfortable in and not be pretentious about just because it’s a brand that’s asking me to do so".

“I saw the collection and I liked it" was Arjun Rampal’s simple reason for his association with Tommy Hilfiger.

On a lighter note, reviving memories of student life in Delhi, we also took his take on his favourite hangouts in the city and like a true Delhite he replied, “My favourite hangouts during college days used to be, my college café, Moti Mahal in Defence colony and Pandara Road for the Punjabi food"

Considering the increasing number of fakes doing the rounds in the markets today, and Arjun’s experice with brands, we asked for his advice on how shoppers could differenciate between a fake and an original? “It has to be the price!" he said with a laugh and was quick to add, “But I think a fake will always be a fake and no matter how much you try to copy somebody, or something, it will not substitute for the real thing."

If Arjun Rampal wished to have his own brand one day, what would it be called?

“It would be called Tommy Arjun," was his quick reply.