What I like about the ad

It’s simple.

What I don’t like about the ad

With so much media money behind it (or was it all media partnerships?) the message I get is, there are 1,411 tigers left. Now everybody knows about this in India. But I don’t know what I can do to protect them from antisocial animals.

I don’t know how my blogging about it can save a tiger, so I never bothered to blog about it. Did you?

How I would have done it differently

I would have shot a film, which showed the exact locations of these 1,411 tigers. The media brief would be that the message should reach potential poachers. The poachers will come sooner or later to catch the tigers, then catch the poachers and put them in jail. Don’t think it’s a serious idea? Any client who is interested in taking this idea forward, call me.

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