Reviewers: Raghu Bhat and Manish Bhatt

Brilliant: Raghu Bhat (left) and Manish Bhatt.


The new commercial for Volkswagen’s Jetta by DDB Mudra shows a baby who is born with wings. As he grows older, he uses his wings to score a brilliant football goal and to rescue a girl from a burning building, which win him fame. Then he sees the new Jetta—and snips his wings off for the new car.

What did you think of the advertisement?

The creative idea of “People will do anything for brand X" is a familiar one. One of our own ads for Royal Enfield had a guy cutting off his umbilical cord to ride his dream bike. Recently, another agency had a guy changing his religion in order to experience a plywood brand. The premise of a kid growing up with a physical peculiarity (boy with big ears for Xbox) and then overcoming it, due to a brand, is an oft-explored theme, with enough critical mass to be almost labelled as a genre. On its own, this is still a clutter-breaker. The execution, however, is brilliant. The football scene is hilarious. The casting and music are spot on.

Does this ad work for the brand?

Technique: The ‘vivid exaggeration of behaviour’ is very popular.

What must a premium or luxury car brand such as Jetta keep in mind while pitching to a price-sensitive market like India?

The audience for the Jetta looks at it as the great enabler. When the guy walks into the showroom, the foremost question on his mind is—will this car make me look sportier, sexier, younger and more successful than I actually am? That, too, at a good price? This ad projects the brand as the hero, rather than the protagonist. To that extent, it doesn’t “upgrade" him.

As told to Gouri Shah.

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