Dial one number for McDonald food in north and east India

Dial one number for McDonald food in north and east India

New Delhi: McDonald customers in northern and eastern India can now place their orders by dialling one single number across locations.

The partnership with vCustomer, a company that delivers customer care and loyalty solutions, will provide centralized customer support services and orders for their McDelivery Services. With this engagement, all calls to the all-India single number 66-000-666 will be routed to the centralized contact centre based in Delhi.

vCustomer’s automated technology will help increase visibility into the customer support metrics. It will support McDonald’s in understanding and connecting with customers. Using a Business Intelligence tool, it will identify different categories of McDonald’s non-order customer calls and customer concerns. The company routinely analyzes customer data to recommend corrective measures and maintains focused efforts to increase customer satisfaction.

Sanjay Kumar, CEO, vCustomer Corporation said, “This partnership with McDonald’s integrates our technology and best practices to provide high quality customer satisfaction to the Indian market."