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Having spent more than 15 years in advertising, Santosh Padhi, chief creative officer and co-founder of Taproot India, has worked on brands such as The Times of India, National Geographic, Airtel, Condé Nast India, Nirma and Pepsi, among others.


Entertaining: Santosh Padhi.

What did you think of the advertisement?

Both the films are entertaining, fun and have enough punch in the storytelling. They are well-produced as well, so full marks for the creative product. If only they were the first to stake a claim on the proposition.

What must brands keep in mind while trying to highlight features, such as HD, which are considered a norm?

Touting clarity: The ad is fun and packs a punch in the storytelling.

As everyone is talking about clarity due to HD quality, be it DTH (direct-to-home) service providers such as Reliance, Airtel, Tata Sky, or players in the parallel industry of the HD television sets, I really feel the big bet is on a brand that can cut across the clutter and own a particular space.

Which set of ads works better for the brand, the commercials featuring brand ambassador Aamir Khan or this set?

If Aamir Khan was used as a Bollywood star in all of them, I would have needed time to think about it. But the kind of roles he has been playing in the last few years on this brand, be it an old sardar driver or a milkman, are outstanding and only he can pull them off. That’s his strength in Bollywood films as well, to get into the character to do 100% justice. But I would have to say that the work the brand has been putting out with or without him in some campaigns is a good combination.

As told to Gouri Shah