Piloutin by Louboutin

A dedicated line of fairy tale-inspired handbags now join the Piloutin clutch bag family

Parisian shoemaker Christian Louboutin has made his red-soled heels a socially acceptable fetish. Apart from the dagger-heel business that has witnessed steady patronage since 1992, a dedicated line of fairy tale-inspired handbags now join the Piloutin clutch bag family—a clan of cushiony collectables that made their debut in Spring this year.

Spikes, Strass and Maharaja are the newly inducted members of the Piloutin (Pillow+Louboutin) zip-around clutch club for the Fall 2016 capsule collection. Available at Louboutin flagship stores in Mumbai and New Delhi, they are priced upwards of 2,49,500. Made with genuine leather, the bags come with a detachable lightweight metal chain.

Spikes sports a leopard print and has 2,437 canine-sharp spikes on it. Strass is coated with rhinestones that shimmer in a pink to blue ombré pattern.

The Maharaja Piloutin has two versions—perhaps because it is the king of all pillow bags. With the potential to be a hit with royal customers, there are chances of catching this one at more than a few Indian weddings.

Louboutin’s fascination with India’s embellishing tradition is no secret and these two pillow bags are evidence. One carries embroidered lace ribbon and the other an amalgamation of sequins, beads and zari threadwork.

The muse behind these cushioned treasure troves? Cinderella’s pillow. Allow the pompous purple square cushion, with golden tassels dangling from its four corners in Disney’s 1950 classic Cinderella to fade in as a visual cue. One would expect her glass slippers to be of great interest to Louboutin but it’s the exquisite pillow on which they were placed that has him spellbound instead.

It may not be entirely easy to rest your head on this pillow, thanks to all the crystals, spikes and embroidery. But that’s not something to lose sleep over.