No stakes in Kochi IPL, says Gavaskar

No stakes in Kochi IPL, says Gavaskar

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New Delhi: Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar Tuesday denied that he has already accepted an offer from Kochi IPL team to head their cricketing operations and said he will take a call only after the BCCI takes a decision on the franchise’s future tomorrow at its governing council meeting.

Gavaskar also denied having any stakes in the Kochi IPL consortium and said his association if any will be on purely cricketing matter.

“I have been approached for taking care of their cricketing operations and there is nothing in writing. Let all their internal issues get resolved and afterwards, may be, I will take a call on that. The association as of now is pretty much in the air and things like formal association is not there," Gavaskar said.

“Nothing can be said further till what’s happening today and tomorrow. Once BCCI takes a decision tomorrow, then one can react about the future association with the Kochi franchise. If that does not happen, I am quiet happy for what I am doing at the moment," he told NDTV.

Gavaskar said he was approached earlier also by other franchises even before the first auction but nothing had come out of them.

“Kochi is not the only franchisee which has approached me. I have been approached by many other franchises even before the first auction was done. Nothing has come through. Basically, they talk about the cricketing aspect. But I am not so sure what I am getting at," he said.

Gavaskar denied he is getting any stake in the Kochi franchise, saying his association, if any, will be purely in cricketing matters.

“That is not correct at all. Nothing to do with investing. Absolutely nothing," he said when asked if he is going to have any stake in the team.

Asked about the meeting of the IPL governing council tomorrow in Nagpur to decide on the Kochi franchise issue, Gavaskar said, “They are doing among themselves, I have got nothing to do with their internal issues. I hope they sort out the issues.

“It is not an individual case, it is a case for the whole franchise. I am not sure whether they are taking my name. But BCCI will only look into the merits of the case. I just hope the consortium gets together and sort out the issues. Then it will be easier for the BCCI to take a call on them," said Gavaskar, who was recently dropped from the IPL governing council.

Kochi team’s chief executive Satyajit Gaikwad had claimed that Gavaskar has accepted the offer to head the cricketing operations of the team.

“We approached him after he was no longer a member of the IPL governing council.We offered Gavaskar to act in an advisory capacity with the franchise and he had accepted the offer," Gaikwad said.