All in the family

All in the family

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has shot down rumours that filmmaker Karan Johar asked her to shed weight for a movie, saying that she is happy with the little that she has gained recently.

It was reported that Johar has told the 29-year-old actress to cut her hair short and lose weight so that she can carry off the skimpy outfits required for the role in his next film with Imran Khan, tentatively titled ‘Short Term Shaadi´.

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“I read the report on the flight today, it is completely false news," said Kareena, who was in the capital to promote her forthcoming release ‘We Are Family´.

“Karan has apparently said all this to the whole world but has not discussed anything with me. I am not going to lose any weight, I have gained a little recently and I am very happy with that," she added.

Kareena plays on-screen girlfriend of Arjun Rampal in ‘We Are Family´, which is based on the Hollywood film ‘Stepmom´. Actress Julia Roberts played the role in the original film and Kareena is aware that comparisons are inevitable.

“There are similarities between my character and Julia Roberts’, but this is almost my 40th film and I have a distinct style of my own. I have portrayed the role the way the director had visualized it," said Kareena.

The film, to be released on 3 September, has been directed by Siddharth Malhotra and also has Kajol playing the other female lead.

“I have always admired Kajol as an actress. We have worked together earlier in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham but we had very few scenes together. In this film, we share almost every frame and we have become very close friends now," said Kareena.