“I don’t have time” – and other excuses that will no longer hold against MTR’s newest breakfast range

The wholesome new collection offers a convenient and power-packed start to your mornings so retire those excuses and get your breakfast on

Remember when you were younger and breakfasts were pretty much taken for granted? Your days began with a steaming plate of homemade favourites, which your mother insisted you finish before you left the house. Most of us have fond memories of our childhood mealtimes—where all we had to do was show up and eat.

Cut to the present: You’re late for work, the traffic looks to be crazy, there are too many meetings lined up, and you’re not really hungry anyway. Sounds familiar? Despite being aware of the importance of breakfast, most of us have an excuse or two handy when it comes to the first meal of the day. Let’s debunk some of the most popular ones.

“I have no time to make or eat breakfast"

When it comes to choosing between a warm bed and a hot stove, the bed always wins. However, no one says breakfast should be complicated or that it should require you to sacrifice sleep. When in a rush, pick up a slice of toast, grab some fresh fruit, or find a convenient alternative in MTR’s latest range of 3 minute breakfast. Tasty, and extremely easy to prepare, you just need to add some hot water and it’s ready to eat. No cooking is required. The range ensures that ‘lack of time’ cannot be your reason for missing breakfast anymore.

“It’s boring to eat the same thing every day."

Not wanting to eat the same cereal or toast every day is often a handy excuse to skipping the meal altogether. A smart solution to this is to plan your week’s breakfasts during the weekend. Switch between cereal, eggs, vegetable shakes, or home-grown alternatives like upma or poha, both part of MTR’s latest breakfast range. With 6 delicious options to choose from, you never have to eat the same thing twice again.

“I cut down on breakfast to lose weight"

It’s incredible how many of us use this excuse when, in fact, a good breakfast not only boosts your metabolism early in the day, but also prevents unhealthy binges and mid-afternoon snacking. Yes, healthy meals undoubtedly require a bit more planning, but they are an important part of your fitness journey. Thankfully, with no added preservatives, and a wide range of wholesome breakfast variants, MTR’s tasty and convenient range can solve your weekday quandary once and for all.

Remember, a good breakfast curbs untimely hunger pangs, increases energy, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and keeps you in good spirits through the day.

Discover a world of delicious breakfast options and skip the excuses from now on.

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